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Everything is changing – how we live, how we entertain ourselves, how we explore and how we travel. And we all are witnesses to that constant and exhilarating evolution, spurred by technology and the access to information, which have opened the door to new destinations, new businesses, new models of lodging, new experiences… Culture has become global, conserving its local flavor, and this necessity has turned into products and services that enrich each trip and destination to respond to a very diverse, dynamic and challenging demand.

But, what is the meaning of experience? What do we understand as luxury? The answers are not simple – they move away from the idea of exclusivity or pricing to get

close to the search of something unique, unreachable,
authentic and customized. And in traveling we project that search, which navigates somewhere between the realm of emotion and memory,  and the responsibility as travelers, anticipating the trace we will leave behind in the environment and community we visit.

At Forward_ we want to ask ourselves these questions, search for responses and explore new horizons. We want to create a meeting point for a community of audacious leaders that may join us in the exciting adventure of giving definition to the challenges and opportunities that the tourism industry offers, now and in the future.

FORWARD_ By Kleber Group

Kleber Group, the international consultancy firm that offers marketing, Communications & PR and Customer Experience services specialized in travel, luxury and lifestyle, acquired Forward_, the global project that, since June 2019 has been promoting high-impact tourism through the development of a sustainable tourism model and the cooperation of the public and private actors that make up this segment.

After more than three decades of activity in the field of communication and public relations in the tourism and lifestyle industry, Kleber Group strengthens its business with the incorporation of Forward_. The aim is to offer a comprehensive consultancy service for companies and destinations that want to position themselves in the luxury sector.

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– C-Level Speakers and attendees
– Business & Networking
Madrid will host the third edition of this event. It will feature inspiring content, keynote presentations, debates, workshops and innovative formats aimed at promoting networking, collaborative work and creativity. Madrid welcomes the travel industry to a city that is committed to developing a sustainable, relevant and high value-added tourism model, where its social and cultural heritage are at the center.

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The second physical edition of Forward_MAD took place in Madrid in October 2022, supported by Madrid City Council Tourism and Community of Madrid Tourism.
International speakers and luxury travel pundits gathered again in Spain’s capital city to share inspiring content, keynote presentations, debates and innovative formats aimed at promoting networking, collaborative work and consolidating Madrid as a new reference for luxury travelers.

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We want to have professionals and leaders who want to step forward, becoming protagonists of a transformation of the tourism sector, towards its roots, towards its values of discovery and emotion, as well as towards the most innovative transformation. We want to count on you and your ideas.


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