About Forward_LIVE

Forward_ is a roadmap to rally around this change – an ambitious objective that requires a global, high level commitment. That’s why we welcome you to take part bringing value to all the industry attendees.

Forward_ will invite businessmen, businesswomen and leaders that operate in the entire travel value chain – experts and entrepreneurs, as well as professionals from other complementary sectors that may be of interest to the community, to watch the event.

This event will highlight the value of the commitments of these sector leaders with the transformative vision of Forward_ and their potential input to the community.


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Redefining the exclusive tourism

Understand how the travel & tourism industry has changed as a concept, as a product and as the starting point to recreate travel experiences - from inspiration to planning, in destination activities and the return home.

At Forward_LIVE we will see, from the experience of professionals and experts from different sectors, how tourism has become a statement about individuality and personal achievement, and how all brands and destinations explore the most effective paths to lining up their proposal of value with travelers´ aspirations and needs.

A vision of the business

Forward_LIVE will recreate a common vision about sustainable and high-quality travel and will lay on the groundwork to turn ideas into business opportunities, instilling professional and business synergies, open innovation and cooperation.

More ideas, more local development, revenue and more growth.