Jamie-Lee Abtar
BAME programme Lead. Women in Travel CIC.

Natalia Bayona
Director of Innovation, Education and Investments. UNWTO

Suzanna Chiu
Head of Amadeus Ventures. Amadeus IT Group

Héctor Coronel
General Manager. Madrid Tourism

Marc Dardenne
Chief Operating Officer, Luxury Brands. Accor

Quentin Desurmont
President. Traveller Made

José Carlos Díez
Partner. LUAFund

Linda Fox
Senior Reporter Phocuswire

Philippe Gombert
President. Relais & Chateaux

Raul González
CEO. Barceló Hotel

Issam Kazim
CEO. Dubai Corporation for Tourism

Christina Lawford
Founder & Managing Director at DiamondAir International & Evolvecar

Joan Lladó
Co Founder &CEO, Stay App

Javier Marín
CCO, Renfe

Víctor Navarro
Founder & CEO. Different Roads

Andreas Nüssel
Managing Director, Europe. Silversea Cruises

Nick Pilbeam
Founder & Managing Director, Reficere Consulting International.

Zain Richardson
CMO. Aero

Juan Rodero
CEO. Starclass

Miguel Sanz
General Manager, Tourspain

Aaron Simpson
Cofounder, Quintessentially

Petra Stušek
President, European Cities Marketing

Stephen Winter
Director of International Sales. Ponant Cruises


Forward_MAD is avant-garde. And being part of this event means riding on top of this wave of avant-garde by entering a community with a vocation for putting commitments into practice with high quality tourism of high added value, for exploring new business opportunities and expanding your marketing and commercialization channels.

For further information about partnerships opportunities please send a mail to

Topics On The Table

13-15 october, 2021. Madrid
Wednesday, (pre-event)
20:30 pm
Welcome cocktail
Thursday, day one
09:00 am
Check-in Morning Coffee
09:30 am
Wake Up Call
09:40 am
Keynote: Luxury is over: meaningful travel and new traveler trends
10:00 am
Keynote: Chasing the Uniquecorn: finding the neoluxury traveler
10:20 am
Boxing ring: Show me the money or what is actually a premium destination
11:00 am
The Playground (Networking Break)
11:45 am
Transforming destinations: challenges and opportunities
12:45 pm
The Playground (Networking Lunch)
14:30 pm
In the spotlight: an interview
15:00 pm
How is it made? Roadmap to success
16:00 pm
In the spotlight: an interview with…
16:30 pm
The Playground (Networking Break + Showroom)
17:15 pm
Tech4Travel: how to make travel meaningful and profitable
17:40 pm
Trendsetter: chasing the next big thing (DEMOLABS)
18:30 pm
The Wine confessions: Reinventing Travel
19:00 pm
20:30 pm
Black-tie Gala
Friday, day two
09:00 am
Check-in Morning Coffee
09:30 am
Wake Up Call
09:35 am
Keynote: The imperative of inclusion
10:00 am
Startups Shark Tank
11:30 am
Reshaping the new era of travel. A roadmap to elevate travel
11:45 am
The Playground (Networking Break)
12:30 pm
L’aperitivo: Defining neoluxury
13:30 pm
The Playground (Networking showroom + live entertainment)
16:00 pm
End of Forward_MAD


  • Abadia Retuerta LeDomain
  • Accor
  • Aero
  • Agencia Valenciana de Turismo
  • Amadeus IT Group
  • .
  • Chías Marketing
  • Consultia Travel
  • .
  • DiamondAir International
  • Distrito 41
  • Dubai Corporation for Tourism
  • .
  • Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
  • European Cities Marketing
  • .
  • Focus on Women
  • .
  • Galería Canalejas
  • Garaje de Ideas
  • Gestair
  • .
  • Horwath HTL
  • .
  • Iberia
  • IE Business School
  • .
  • LUAFund
  • .
  • Made for Spain and Portugal
  • Melia Hotels Int
  • .
  • OPC Spain
  • .
  • Paradores
  • Ponant Cruises
  • .
  • Quintessentially
  • .
  • Reficere Consulting International
  • Relais & Chateaux
  • .
  • Serawa Hotels
  • Silversea Cruises
  • Spain Collection
  • Starclass
  • .
  • Traveller Made
  • Turespaña
  • Turismo de Madrid
  • .
  • .
  • Women in Travel CIC

Sponsors & Exhibitors


Madrid will host, in October 2021, the second edition of this global travel industry event: Forward_MAD. The Spanish capital is a symbol of the transforming power of quality tourism, is an urban destination acknowledged around the world thanks to its history, its cultural heritage, its gastronomy, its endless opportunities for leisure and its commitment to adopt a sustainable model for the city.

> Program and Activities
Each Forward_ edition will have four areas that will be interpreted according to the local nuances and features of each host country. These are the movable parts:

· FORWARD_MINDS: The brightest and most innovative local minds in travel and related sectors will lead a Think Tank aimed at addressing tourism challenges and designing traceable roadmaps to raise global tourism offerings and host destinations.

· FORWARD_STAGE: Inspiration is the engine of the central stage of Forward_MAD, that will host talks, keynotes and executives interviews before the eyes of professionals from various sectors and investment capital. This will be the bridge that will help to transform ideas into business opportunities.

· THE PLAYGROUND: This space will be devoted to open innovation, by fostering organic, spontaneous and direct conversations among attendees to encourage them to discover products and services, explore new businesses and tools, as well as potential partners and suppliers.

· EXPLORE THE CITY: The host destination will design, along with the organization, unique and personalized activities, so that attendees will be able to discover what makes the city that hosts Forward_ special and unique.

Forward_MAD will feature its own unique and particular view, with a series of keynotes, activities and areas that will amaze, surprise and encourage conversation, discovery and fun.


Forward_MAD is the event you have always wanted to attend: practical, thorough, significant, fun, surprising… And not only for its new formats, but also for the opportunities to find common interests among professionals from different places in the world, in a casual setting yet with the objective of facilitating a personal connection, and by extension, a close connection with your business.

Understand how luxury has changed as a concept, as a product and as the starting point to recreate travel experiences – from inspiration to planning, in destination activities and the return home. At Forward_MAD we will see, from the experience of C-Level professionals and experts from different segments, how luxury has become a statement about individuality, and how all brands and destinations explore the most effective paths to lining up their proposal of value with travelers’ aspirations and needs.

Forward_MAD will recreate a common vision about exclusive and high quality travel and will lay on the groundwork to turn ideas into business opportunities, instilling professional and business synergies, open innovation and cooperation. More ideas, more revenue and more growth.

We want you to stop looking at what’s happening onstage and that you start looking around you, at whomever is seated next to you. Each section of Forward_MAD will be designed to accomplish it. You will not have a calendar full of meetings but, instead, full of open and relaxed spaces that spur conversation in a natural and spontaneous way, as well as ideas and inspirations.



Forward_ had designed different alternatives of cooperation and sponsorships, conceived to move, arouse curiosity and leave an indelible mark in the public and the travel community. Our team of Partnerships will advise you, will adapt each formula to your needs and will analyze unconventional proposals that may fit the spirit of the event.

All sponsors will feature, as a trade-off, their logo on all pages of the event website, except for the Home Page and on the partnerships section of the App and Web. Also, you will have free access invitations for members of your company and registration invitations for those companies or partners that you may deem should be part of the community.


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