What is Forward_

We are not a fair and not a congress

Forward_ is an international community and a space for debate to share knowledge, new ideas and new businesses. We function as a workshop to inspire, learn and connect, in which we will give shape to the ideas that will generate revenue, increase quality, surprise travelers and take tourism to the next level.

Forward_ Events  gathers the most relevant professionals that develop their businesses in the luxury segment.

More than a vision
More than a mission


To create an event that inspires the industry and connects the professionals and companies within it to transform today’s tourism into unique, authentic experiences while also being sustainable and respectful with local cultures and communities.

To promote an advanced way of thinking that allows for personal relationships to be an integral part of the sector
To attain a form of tourism of added value that goes beyond travelers’ expectations, regardless of their place of origin.
In a nutshell, to create an ecosystem that is capable of connecting, inspiring, enabling and empowering professionals from the sector in order to jointly lead the transformation of the tourism industry.


Ambitious, specific and attainable goals.

Transformation through the cooperation of people and companies.

Professionalism and dedication in the tourism sector.

We believe in the true transforming potential of the tourism industry.

We are qualified, nonconforming professionals with no fear of change, and we address like-minded people.

We put the client first by catering our products and services to the real needs of the travelers we serve.

We are tolerant – we promote respect and equal rights and opportunities in all individuals and we do not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, race, religion both in our nearby environments and in those communities that we visit.

We are social and curious – we thrive on knowing, interacting, discovering and sharing in a real, ethical and fair way.

We seek the balance between leisure and local business by implicating ourselves in its development.

Our obsession is to leave behind a better world for future generations through unique, real, sustainable and authentic experiences.


To bring together opinion leaders and the most disruptive agents of the tourism sector by enabling them to share values and ideas that would make that change posible. We want to create a feeling of belonging among all the professionals that participate in the event, in the community of Forward_ and in the whole travel value chain, by making them feel part of a global movement that connects, inspire and empower them.


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