The Travel Enthusiasts

Definition of enthusiast: a person filled
with enthusiasm such as…
A | One who is ardently attached to a cause, object, or pursuit a sports car enthusiast.
B | One who tends to become ardently absorbed in an interest

We love to travel. We are in this business because we believe in the power of travel as a transformative experience, as an engine to foster development, as a bridge to bring people and culture together, as a strong thread that keeps the world together. We believe travel is under constant transformation, navigating social changes, technology advancement, innovation, collective aspirations and environmental phenomena; and such behind such transformations are plenty of opportunities that should be explored and understood to respect the balance of profit and development, growth and sustainability, lean processes and personalization.
We are here to push travel forward. To be bold, daring, to embrace adventure and exploration in business, reflecting the deep meaning of travel: discover and fulfillment.

Daring missions and ambitious endeavors are only possible with the support of global leadership. The involvement of the travel industry community will have the necessary drive to transform and elevate travel only if such profound changes are sponsored from top to bottom. We are proud to have the support of visionaries that understand the urges, anticipate the challenges and are able to foresee the potential for travel in the years to come. Get to know them!

Forward_Minds is the think tank of Forward_ community, an international network of tourism professionals aimed at developing common strategies that elevate the value proposition of the tourism industry, making it more profitable, relevant for travelers and productive for destinations. The members of Forward_Minds contribute with their experience and knowledge to a series of White Papers, called Forward_Snapshots. These White Papers will be the pillars to develop a collaborative roadmap designed to foster the transformation of the tourism industry beyond the current scenario.

We are a team of travel enthusiasts, passionate and committed to transforming and elevating the travel industry. We intend to build a more resilient, sustainable and profitable travel value proposition that will benefit companies, destinations, travelers and all society. We are a community fostering leadership within and outside our industry, committed to push innovation beyond the limits of our industry.

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We want to have professionals and leaders who want to step forward, becoming protagonists of a transformation of the tourism sector, towards its roots, towards its values of discovery and emotion, as well as towards the most innovative transformation. We want to count on you and your ideas.


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