Forward_Travel receives the Technology Innovator Award for the “Most Pioneering Travel & Technology Business Community”

Forward_Travel has received a Technology Innovator Award for the “Most Pioneering Travel & Technology Business Community” in 2022 by Innovation in Business, a British publication that strives to highlight the role of organizations, companies and individuals who are changing their industries through innovative solutions and forward-focused mindsets.

“Forward_ was born to create an international community of tourism professionals eager to share their expertise and knowledge, as well as to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the industry through a disruptive approach” – says Fabián González, founder of Forward_. – “This award recognizes our commitment to innovation in tourism and to foster cooperation among the different members of its ecosystem”.

Founded in 2019, Forward_ is a collaborative initiative promoted by tourism professionals and companies with the aim of creating a platform of knowledge and debate to anticipate new scenarios that may have an impact on travel. The first edition of Forward_ took place online in spring of 2020. In autumn 2021 and 2022, Madrid hosted Forward_MAD with the support of the Madrid regional government, the City Hall of Madrid, the Spanish airline Iberia and Aena, the Spanish Airport operator, among others. Organizations such as the World Travel Organization (UNWTO), Travel Intelligence company Mabrian (Spain), ReviewPro, Mastercard, Valerie Wilson Travel (U.S.A), Viajes Palacio de Hierro (Mexico), Forbes Travel Guide, Serandipians by Traveller Made (Switzerland), The Red Sea Development Company (Saudi Arabia), Fast Private Jet (Italy), Tourspain, Monaco and Dubai Tourism Offices, Atout France and Relaix & Chateaux, have participated in these events.

At the end of 2022, Forward_ launched Travel Trends Radar, a tourism observatory to analyze trends related to high-impact tourism in the Madrid region and turn that data into information to help travel and tourism professionals design their business strategies.

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