The Thompson Madrid, an example of regenerative tourism

The Thompson Madrid is the latest luxury hotel to have opened its doors in Madrid. Located in the Plaza del Carmen, it is a perfect example of regenerative tourism, as it aims to revitalize an urban area in the city centre of the Spanish capital. Thompson Hotels is part of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and its new property in Madrid is the first one under the brand in Europe. We had the opportunity to interview Carlos Erburu, the Cluster Manager at of Thompson Madrid, just a few weeks after its inauguration.

Right from the beginning, Thompson Hotels have supported the regeneration of distressed urban areas, could you tell us more about this philosophy? What are the main features for the new property in Madrid?

Thompson Hotels’ philosophy is centred on capturing and reliving important moments from the past in order to approach them in a new and redefined way that makes everyone want to visit us. Our vision is to be precursors and pioneers of social, demographic and cultural change by locating our properties in neighbourhoods that years ago had architectural, cultural and social relevance – but has since been lost. With this, Thompson Hotels not only revalues the area, but also changes the concept of luxury. Thompson Madrid has come to the capital to convert Plaza del Carmen and Calle de la Montera into what they once were, emblematic areas with great cultural value. In Thompson Madrid, artists from all disciplines can be found in an inspiring atmosphere, creating bonds between all our visitors.

How does The Thompson Madrid plan to be part of and have a positive impact on the local community?
Thompson Madrid not only positions itself as a typical luxury hotel, but also it goes further. With our vision, we want to convey to our neighbours and guests that, in addition to offering accommodation, we also provide experiences that cover many areas. Through our philosophy, we promote visits to emblematic places, and we communicate what they offer, thus giving rise to getting to know them and being able to appreciate their cultural richness. Thompson Madrid has a local philosophy. One of our main challenges is that, without leaving the hotel, guests may experience Madrid’s culture through art, our staff and our gastronomic offer with a sophisticated touch that enhances the experience.

Why did Thompson hotels choose Madrid for its first hotel in Europe? In your opinion, what makes the Spanish capital attractive for luxury travellers?

Madrid is the cultural epicentre of Spain par excellence. Countless artists wandered through the capital during the Golden Age and that is still reflected in it. For its gastronomy, climate, art and cultural offer, kindness, hospitality and its great love for the “Saraos”… Madrid is an eclectic and welcoming city, full of history, heritage and luxury. Each area and each neighbourhood have something different to offer, and this is undoubtedly a great attraction for tourists who want to know our country.

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